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Winners of the 2017
Rural Character Photo Contest

Rural character in Douglas County was depicted by photos with captions in a contest conducted by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the local non-profit GreenACTnv. The contest was designed to get people thinking about what rural character means to them, to stimulate a community dialogue and enhance the community’s rural character consciousness. Steve Lewis, Extension Educator, said that “a community’s definition of rural character is essential to its preservation. Once rural character is defined, the community can target actions to retain those specific features.” Of the 240 photos entered in the contest, 24% identified our area’s beauty and scenery as that defining our rural character, 15% identified with our local agriculture and food production, 14% of the entries highlighted our wildlife flora and fauna and 10% keyed into our weather and change of seasons.

Contest winners were Linda Seibert, 1st place $300; Davy Millard, 2nd place $200; Cira Craighead, 3rd place $100; and Robin Grueninger, People’s Choice $100. Go to the contest Facebook page to view these winning photos, honorable mention photos/captions and all the entries. Displays will be set up at various locations around the county for viewing to stimulate thought and conversation on our rural character. Congratulations to the winners and all those that submitted photos/captions illustrating the characteristics that help make Douglas County a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Douglas County Rural Character Photo Contest Winners. From left to right: Robin Grueninger, People’s Choice $100 Winner, Cira Craighead, 3rd Place $100 Winner, Davy Millard, 2nd Place $200 Winner, and Linda Seibert, 1st Place $300 Winner

First Place Second Place
1st Place
Third Place Peoples Choice