Projects completed by the Douglas County Energy Efficiency (Green) Actions that have been done over the course of 5 or 6 years

  1. We changed 13 - 400 watt parking lot lights at the Judicial Center with 13-65 watt LED fixtures. This gave us much better lighting at night.
  2. We changed 13 - 175 watt parking lot and building lights at the valley library with 13-45 watt LED fixtures.
  3. Installed a ground source heat loop at the Old Courthouse and changed out 32 heat pumps that are much more efficient the 20 plus year old ones we removed. In doing this project we eliminated the need for a boiler and a cooling tower and two 10 HP motors. This has cut our gas bill to nothing and our electric bill has seen an increase in savings.
  4. Almost county wide we went from a 32 watt light bulb to a 25 watt bulb in all interior lighting. This was done on an incentive program that NV Energy offered.
  5. Our fleet shop had 40-- 400 watt high bay lights that we have changed out to a 180 watt fixture that are not only saving energy but gives them a better quality of lighting.
  6. At the fleet shop we installed 2-250,000 btu waste oil burners that has allowed us to burn our excess oil instead of paying for its removal. Last winter we made it all the way through winter just burning our waste and very little use of the high bay heaters.
  7. Several buildings in the county we have changed out our older (20 years or more) and smaller HVAC units to more efficient ones.
Glen Radtke Maintenance Operations Supervisor